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and lieutenant governor anthony brown to present to you, mr. reddam, the most coveted trophy in all of sport, the woodlawn vase. congratulations. >> thank you. >> i think i owe it to these guys, really. >> paul, can you take us through your emotions as you're watching that epic stretch unfold. >> well, i knew it was a long stretch. and i have to say, there was a point where i didn't think we were going to get there and we keep digging and bodemeister was running his guts out. it was a fantastic race. i didn't feel confident we were going to get there until about ten yards from the wire, and then it just all let go. >> no horse has won a triple crown since 1978, 34 years, the longest drought in racing history 37 what would it mean to paul reddam to own the next triple crown winner? >> 34 years? i didn't know that. no, i'm kidding. you know, laffit, i haven't thought past today because i just didn't let myself do it. you know, i just can't imagine it. so i'm just going to let it go at that. we'll roll one day at a time, and hopefully the horse is, you know, doing well out of the race and, you
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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